Is it normal to be afraid of the Twin Flame experiences as the Chaser?

If you have been a chaser Twin Flame before, you feel the fear of the connection because you know that changes are happening in your life situation without any of your control.

You are afraid of confronting your new Twin Flame life situation. You think that your Twin Flame has all the answers to your problems. You keep chasing him or her.

Before you accept to surrender to the Twin Flame experiences, you struggle to look within yourself to find the answers. 

The overwhelming feelings that scare you are always unexpected. You go into a phase of shock — you previously did not realize how real the situation would become.

You feel scared to change yourself and your life situation. You are afraid of letting go of your old life yet you want to be with your Twin Flame. If you were previously married, you fear breaking up your family. You also don’t want to change your friends and extended family.

Meeting a Twin Flame changes your paradigm. You know deep within you that your soul found its home: You desire to be with him or her. 

To be with a Twin Flame harmoniously in a Union requires faith. You trust that once all the changes you need to make will eventually guide you together. 

The Twin Flame chaser has to grow an emotional muscle. You have to ground yourself within. You have to believe that your connection is real because you feel it. You have to trust divine timing. 

Stay Blessed!

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