What happens if you try to date others during the Twin Flame journey?

I love talking about this topic. When you chase a Twin Flame, you do not realise that when he or she starts chasing you, you feel frustrated. You feel uneasy and uncomfortable that a Twin Flame is coming back into your life.

When the runner Twin Flame tries to come back into your life, you feel confused. You look for all the reasons to run away. You get to know how it feels like the runner.

I feel like my Twin Flame is stalking me. He is calling frequently. He is using different ways to know how I am doing.

I craved to have him back into my life. I was desperate to talk to him all the time. Now that he is chasing me, I feel frustrated.

I wonder if he feels it. I have been trying to get intrested in someone else. I wonder if he feels it when I distance myself from him.

I honestly do not know know how to react. He is officially back into my life.

For sure, I cannot date anybody else. My Twin Flame is the one.

Stay Blessed!

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