How do you know that a Twin Flame runner loves you during the separation phase?

I was having a chat with my friend and his phone started ringing. She gasped; It is him that is calling. The caller ID was for my Twin Flame. I was not surprised that he called. I felt him all day energetically. I was bogged down by the intense energetic share. I felt him sending love to me in my heart. The connection felt real as if he was in the room with me.

Every time I choose to stay away from him, he makes an attempt to return. We are both at the same energetic wavelength right now. I can feel it within me. I feel peaceful, energetically grounded, and spiritually enlightened.

When my friend gave me the details of the conversation that she had with my Twin Flame, I learned that he wanted to keep in touch. I doubt if he knows that I think of him all the time. He lives inside me. I feel him all the time.

Two days later, my Twin Flame made contact again. I get overwhelmed when he reaches out. I never get used to the feeling of surprise when he calls home.

I am no longer interested in him the way I did three years ago. It is basically because I longed for him so much that I got used to living life without him.

Nobody warns you about the new feelings when a Twin Flame returns. Nobody gives you a heads up about how to feel when a runner comes back to you.

I am very scared to face the truth. I longed for him for so long that I am surprised that he is back.

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Stay Blessed!

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