How does the Twin Flame connection trigger your deepest fears?

The Twin Flame connection triggered my deepest desires ad greatest fears in the following ways. I did not realize that I had accumulated so much pain within me. I knew that I was afraid of acknowledging myself — The good, the bad, and the ugly.

I carried so much pain within me. I felt it everywhere I went. I knew that I had to face myself but I did not know how to begin.

Before I met my Twin Flame, I used to feel helpless, insecure, and uneasy. I could not understand why it was very challenging for me to feel happy. I  did not know the true meaning of happiness.

I used to admire anybody that sounded and seemed confident within themselves. I used to envy those who seemed like they knew the meaning of life. I had so many questions about myself, life and the people around me.

When I met my Twin Flame, I was already going through an existential crisis. I was looking for myself; I did not know where to look. I craved to feel in touch with my inner child. I felt lost.

Most of my friends assumed that I had figured my life out. They envied me for my achievements; I seemed like I was in control of my life. If only they knew how lost I was.

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When my Twin Flame walked into my life, I knew that my life was going to change. I knew that the authenticity of the connection needed me to find my authenticity. I finally started to find the answers to my problems. 

Having him in my life inspired me to look within myself. I was challenged to embrace my insecurities. I got the courage to face my fears. I allowed myself to feel the fear and make the changes anyway.

For me to fully embrace the Twin Flame love connection, I had to make room within myself. I had to clean the pain out of me. 

The Twin Flame encounter encouraged me to have the courage to find the necessary solutions to heal my core wounding. I had to dig deeper within myself to hug my inner child. I was suffering from within.

The Twin Flame experience gave me the change to break down any walls that I had built against love. I had to unlearn any bad habits that did not serve me any good. 

The more I cleared any inner obstacles that I inhibited within, the more room grew within me. I felt free to embrace unconditional love. The more I felt free from my insecurities, the more happy I became. I grew an emotional muscle to deal with any changes that I had to make. I felt empowered to keep accumulating more happiness in my life.

I went through a Spiritual Awakening process that transformed my life inside out. I felt energetically cleansed and rejuvenated. The Twin Flame journey gave me a new chance at reliving my life.

Stay Blessed!

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