Does the Twin Flame Runner ever return?

My Twin Flame keeps popping back into my life randomly. The other day, he called home for over an hour. And then called again a week later.

I argue that if you believe that a Twin Flame will always come back to you, they eventually do. You must feel drawn to the person that you love. You must allow yourself to feel the connection. You must Surrender to the love connection that you feel. Karmic Partners: How do you focus on yourself when you know that your Twin Flame is married to someone else?

You must bridge the gap between doubt and desire. You cannot have both. If you love your Twin Flame and you know that you will do anything to be with him or her, let your actions show. Prepare yourself and your life situation for a reunion. Awakening — The Twin Flame journey is an accelerated energy purging process. How do you keep in a Positive energetic vibration?

Work towards the blockages that are blocking you. Transform yourself into the best version of yourself. Your authentic self will always attract your Twin Flame back.

More so, believe in your connection to your Twin Flame. Trust how you feel within. Trust that divine timing is at play in both your lives. Most of all, love your Twin Flame with your heart and not with your mind.

Stay Blessed!

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