Twin Flame Chaser Pain

I did not resist contacting him. Matter of fact, after I ran from him, I chased him because I panicked. I realized that maybe I might lose him. I also noticed that how I ran from him was brutal. He was hurt. I became manic; I tried everything — calling, texting, emailing, and every method of contacting him that I could think of. How to manage Twin Flame Separation Tips.

Nothing worked. I cried myself out of my pain. I crawled through some days. I was always lovesick. I could not get out of bed sometimes. My friends thought that something was wrong with me — I was going through the night of the soul. I felt every inch of my pain. I later thanked him for triggering me into rediscovering my authenticity. Runner Reunion Guide: How To Return To The Chaser.

It has been an inner battle indeed.

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Stay Blessed!

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