Signs of inner union

How to Surrender to Self-love: A simple Practical guide

• You feel unceasing inner harmony; you sit in your power. You feel unhurried — you are in control of your feelings. You feel endless inner peace. You feel connected to the source of your being.

• You do not worry about your Twin Flame’s behavior. You feel the connection within you. You know for sure that he or she feels the same way. After you feel complete union within, you feel eternally married to your Twin Flame. You relax and watch your life unfold as it was divinely planned.


• You feel no envy or jealous in case your Twin Flame is dating someone else. You have no fear that the connection would fade. You instead pity whoever your Twin Flame is dating because you know that you have an eternal pact with him or her. You also understand that even though your Twin Flame chooses to move on and marry someone else, you have their Soul. You know for sure that as long as you both walk the earth, you will never be happy with anyone else but each other.

• You trust the divine to guide your journey. If you were trying to be the driver of your Twin Flame bus, you give up the keys to the Universe and trust that you will arrive at your destination happily.


Stay Blessed!

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