What is Twin Flame separation pain?


I also did not know what to do with myself three years ago when we separated. I went through manic depression for 6 months — without him in my life, I felt a void within that nothing could fill no matter what I tried. I wanted the earth to swallow me whole. When he left, I was surprised that half of me was missing — I did not know about Twin Flames then. I cried myself to sleep every night. I wailed while I was in the shower. I was always lovesick — I found it hard to leave my bed. Twin Flame Union 11:11: A Preparation Guide For Beginners


Even though I felt sad and lonely, I had to function in the normal world. I had employees to manage, I was a CEO of a big company then.

I lost about 10 pounds of weight in 6 months. My friends could not understand my situation — I could not fully disclose the details because none of them had encountered a Twin Flame before. Twin Flame Union 11:11: A Preparation Guide For Beginners

On top of all this mess, I was going through a divorce. Karmic Partners: How do you focus on yourself when you know that your Twin Flame is married to someone else?

When I met my Twin Flame, my life changed for the better; it first got worse though.

I told him about my situation and how I felt for him — I thought that he would understand — I made the situation uncomfortable and we became estranged. He said; “It is best for everybody if we don’t talk to each other”. I knew what he meant because I was still married to his friend. Twin Flame Love Lessons

I became more depressed after our conversation. I thought that I had lost him forever.

I could still feel our connection even though we didn’t talk.


I was very perplexed by his response because I knew that we both know that we have a special bond.

I missed how he looked in my eyes to tell me the truth of his soul. I missed how he respects me — he cares for me and has my back. Awakening to Twin Flame love: When You meet your Twin Flame, you feel the ONENESS due to the energetic merge.

I could not believe why everything felt like we are RIGHT for each other but the timing was wrong.


I had nowhere else to go but within myself. I knew that I had abandonment issues to work on — plus I needed to find solutions to my life situation.

I did not think that I was strong enough to overcome my issues — I was frightened when I faced myself the first time; I felt very uncomfortable. Does the Twin Flame Runner miss you and love you as much as you love them?

I tried blocking my Twin Flame and forget about what we found in each other; Nothing worked.

I went through an intense phase of energetic purging. The Spiritual Awakening process transformed me. If you desire a harmonious physical reunion with your Twin Flame, you must make it your daily goal to pursue it. Work hard to fix your life so that you feel ready to be together with your Twin Flame.

I rediscovered Self-love; I finally Surrendered and let my Twin Flame be.

Oh lord, what an experience!

All in all, allow yourself to feel the pain and then heal from it. It does not matter how fast you get here but just know that you are stronger than you think. This is how you can Surrender to Self-love

If I did it, you can too!


Stay Blessed!

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