Why is it difficult to date others during the Twin Flame separation phase?

From my experiences, I also did that. I tried to find suitors. I don’t know your reasons and I won’t speculate but for me, I felt like the Universe was blocking me.

I felt trapped every time I tried to find someone. I knew deep within that I was running from myself and trying to hide behind other relationships and people only left me feeling isolated and lonely.

It felt like purgatory; there was no specific map to help me come out of my misery.

Only you know the truth of how you feel within.
If you genuinely want to move on and date someone new, the Universe would let you.

I believe that the Universe is sending you signs that your journey is not yet over.

You both suffer endless heartaches in quiet desperation. You live in purgatory forever until you confront the situation. The true Twin Flame nature is Union. You are already one — you have to break from the chains of the Human condition to realize your wholeness.

Stay Blessed!

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