Should you allow your Twin Flame to narcissistic towards you?


I don’t think that anybody here can give you a perfect solution because we are only speaking from experience and personal perspective — I will try and share my advice with you. I hope it helps you. (When I met my Twin Flame, he was single and I was married. The situation was very complicated for sure because we both did not know what was going on.

We felt the connection but I was not tempted to cheat on my husband. The connection and us finding each other was more fulfilling than just the physical sexual intimacy. It was like my guardian had finally arrived; my home. I had been in relationships before I met my Twin Flame and I thought I knew what love was until I met.


I do not know if you agree with me but I believe that you cannot choose the situation in which you find each other. Despite this, I also believe that it does not justify cheating, or hurting others in the process of changing our lives in hope of a reunion.

Secondly, just because we have to go through painful experiences to grow and clear our energy, it does not mean that we should inflict pain on our divine partners with narcissism and those around us. I BELIEVE that Twin Flame love brings peace. It HEALS you, your Twin Flame, and those around you.


Twin Flame love brings BLESSINGS. Every day after you meet a Twin Flame is magical and way much better than before whether you are going through difficult times or not. The only pain you feel is all that was lodged within you. Your Twin Flame exposes all your core wounding.

Your Twin Flame is not SUPPOSED to bring you pain. You feel blissful feeling connected to him or her. You feel happy feeling their energy while you sleep. You feel your fear oozing out of you. You feel light beaming out of you. You feel blessed to be a Twin Flame.


Stay Blessed!

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