What is the Twin Flame Runner’s perspective during Separation?


I felt this at the beginning of our separation — I randomly still do and it has been 3 years.

Firstly, get yourself checked by a doctor to make sure you are perfectly healthy.

Two things that perplexed me — the heart palpitations, ringing ears, and the puking.

When the energetic share is too intense with my Twin Flame, the pressure is only released when I throw up.

Heart palpitations happen when he is thinking of me.

Ringing in the ears happens when there is an energetic ship in our shared frequency.

Are you new to Separation Pain? I feel like I have become an expert.


It is okay and normal to feel sad, lonely, lethargic, and physically ill. I have been through it all.

There are moments when you will feel extremely happy and joyful. Suddenly, you feel sad and helpless like nothing can save you from your pain.

I call this the emotional rollercoaster.

I tried many things to help me stop feeling this way including trying to sever the bond — nothing worked. I tried drinking myself to sleep but it only made me feel worse about myself.

Even though you are advised to heal your pain, it is a process to find light at the end of the tunnel.

Sometimes you feel like you have made tremendous progress and other days feel like you are relapsing.


When I did emotional work, I felt stuck most of the days. I was in limbo most of the time and nothing would ease the pain of missing him.

I would close myself in my bedroom when I was lovesick. I cried myself to sleep. I could not stop the heart pulling from him.

When I tried to surrender, I knew that I was forcing it because I was not ready to free myself from fear and pain.

I would write to him very long letters to explain my feelings and experiences. Even though he rarely responded, I felt understood by him.


I also knew that my Twin Flame is the only person who would understand me. Most of my friends thought that I was going crazy or obsessed.

I finally found solace within the connection by accepting my Twin Flame through the heart space. I hAd to Surrender and Submit because there was no going back to my old self and life situation.

All my friends whose attitude and energy did not align with my new Twin Flame energetic vibration had to go.

Oh my God! What a journey!

Stay Blessed! ❤️☀️

Stay Blessed!

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