What’s the difference between Trauma or an upset ?? A core upset. And how to identify within ourselves whether it’s a Trauma or upset?

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I was born into a life of trauma. Every day that I lived, I was always in survival mode. Only the basic things mattered to me like food, shelter, clean water, etc. I did not care much about staying healthy, feeling loved, and or about my physical appearances. That was a luxury to me. I did not choose to be born into that kind of lifestyle until I realized as a young adult that it was not normal. Twin Flame Union 11:11: A Preparation Guide For Beginners

Realizing and acknowledging that something is not good for you does not automatically change you and your life situation. There is a process that you go through to unlearn negative conditioning — you break down the walls that you had previously built around yourself and your heart. Twin Flame Chaser Pain or Learn to Surrender

The process of changing, unlearning, and growing does not happen overnight. For me, it took years of self-rediscovery. 


The moment I met my Twin Flame, I was in the phase of questioning my life as I knew it. I felt like there was something more to life than merely existing. I did not have a footing or a grounding within myself. Married Twin Flames: 15 Survival Tips

I questioned who I was because I did not feel like I had a foundation of my identity. I felt like I was just floating through life. I used to ask myself; “What is the meaning of my life?” Stages of Twin Flame Love: Personal Experiences From a True Twin Flame – What are the expectations of being on a Twin Flame journey?

Here is how I distinguish my Trauma from an upset:

My Trauma was lodged within me from childhood. I inhibited past life abandonment issues. My inner child was struggling to be healed. This is how you can Surrender to Self-love


I learned that apart from my inner child struggling, I did not know myself. I had never had the opportunity to understand who I was. I was a stranger in my body. 

When I met my Twin Flame, everything felt aligned; It was like a veil was finally lifted. I could see myself because he is another version of me in another body. How do you move the obstacles on your Twin Flame journey to reunite?

We compared notes about Spirituality, life, ourselves, and the human condition. 

We taught each other love and life lessons. We also gave each other the map on how to heal — we inspired each other to learn to love unconditionally starting with self-love. Twin Flame Chaser Pain or Learn to Surrender

When we physically separated, the side effects of my trauma took effect. I felt insecure — I did not feel like I was worthy of his love. I felt incapable of loving him unconditionally since I had never felt it before. Insightful Answers Twin Flame Runner Questions


I had never been loved by anybody unconditionally. I also felt uncomfortable feelings of vulnerability; Twin Flame love disarmed me. I felt exposed to my Twin Flame. I was fearful of letting my guard down and get hurt. Running and Chasing: The Twin Flame energetic Dance

Because of trauma from the past, I thought that I was unlovable. I had fears of exposing myself to my Twin Flame because I thought that he would eventually abandon me as most people did in my past life. Twin Flame Chaser Healing; Free your Soul.

Instead of allowing myself to embrace unconditional love, I resisted the connection and blocked my Twin Flame out of my life. 

(I do not want to take up all the space here: If you want to read more about my healing stories, please check my page.)

Lastly, this is what Core Upsets are from my experience:


After I blocked my Twin Flame because of the issues arising from a wounded inner child, I was triggered into the release of my past pain. 

Past Pain is when I repressed negative feelings and emotions over time because I did not want to confront them. If you desire a harmonious physical reunion with your Twin Flame, you must make it your daily goal to pursue it. Work hard to fix your life so that you feel ready to be together with your Twin Flame.

Every time I was hurt or upset about something, I pretended that it did not bother me.

When I was triggered by the Twin Flame encounter to awaken to myself, I experienced a lot of emotional chaos.  When a Twin Flame is running, they are running towards themselves.


I felt all sorts of negative feelings arising out of me — I could not control the process.

I blamed my Twin Flame for triggering the pain. I was angry, frustrated, and overwhelmed.

At this point, I wished that I had never met him. 


Stay Blessed!

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