Is it normal to physically feel ill when you miss your twin flame?

When I get love-sick, it is very difficult to get out of bed because my chest area feels heavy from sadness and longing. Sometimes the pain is too intense that I keep holding my chest area because it physically hurts.

Sometimes the pain is too much that I break down in tears — when it comes to Twin Flames, a heartbreak is real. It feels like your heart is physically tearing into two.

Sometimes my stomach has butterflies but once it intensifies, I feel sick that I get to throw up to release the tension.

There are times when I get minor panic attacks in the form of waves of energy. Once this happens, I become physically powerless and my joints feel weak — it is as if my Twin Flame’s energy is taking over my body.

Sometimes I shiver due to the intensity of the energetic attacks, and sweat like crazy.

I’ve been trying to move on from my “twin flame”, but when I had sex with someone else it felt so wrong and I wanted to cry. Why can’t I find happiness with another person?

It is because you have Soul INTIMACY with your Twin Flame. You have a sacred bond that goes beyond what the mind can comprehend.

Because of Soul intimacy, you feel like you are cheating on your Twin Flame whenever you have sex with someone else.

I gave up on pursuing other relationships. I stopped deluding myself that I will feel happy with someone else. I am enjoying being single, as I prepare myself to reunite with my Twin Flame.

Whether Twin Flames like to accept the truth or not, having sex with other people as you Awaken to your Twin Flame connection is a blockage of your shared energy with your partner.

When you are purging emotional pain or if you are dealing with healing your core wounds, you want to stay away from tainting your energy. You need space and solitude to heal first.

Stay Blessed!

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