How do you dissolve Karmic ties to be with a Twin Flame?


I am your kind of Twin Flame who was also stuck in a karmic relationship.

Before we go any further, there are certain truths that you must confront, acknowledge, and work with. Twin Flame Chaser Healing: How to face yourself

1. You are not stuck: you are learning, growing, evolving, and preparing to bloom.

2. There is no roadmap to dissolving karmic ties. Sometimes things get more complicated than you anticipated— sometimes you feel completely stuck in your life situation without any particular way to get out of it. Married Twin Flames: 15 Survival Tips

3. You cannot force yourself to be ready to release a karmic partner.

You think that you are ready to let go but it is never that easy. There is a particular reason why your Twin Flame meets you in the kind of kind of karmic relationship that you are in — it is a lesson for both of you to understand that how you acknowledge and accept each other is unique to only you.

The moment I looked in his sad eyes — I saw myself mostly my weakness. I also knew that my life was going to change forever. Twin Flame Runner Traits

I was not in a hurry to leave my husband — when I separated from my Twin Flame, I was afraid of being alone. I held onto my estranged marriage even though I knew that my soul craved my Twin Flame.

I had not anticipated how intense the situation would become since I had a business with my ex-husband. Understanding Twin Flame Telepathy for Beginners

I missed my Twin Flame every day — we both understood it was wrong to each other but I could not stop contacting him.

I felt stuck because I did not know how to start fixing the issues in my life. Insightful Answers Twin Flame Runner Questions

I also did not want my Twin Flame to give up on us just because I was stuck.

I am now happy, single and free without needing my husband or my Twin Flame.

It is funny how things are now because I have a better relationship with my ex-husband now than when we were married. My Twin Flame is also still close friends with him. My Twin Flame sometimes calls my ex-husband to check in on me. Runner Return Signs: A Reunion Guide Back to The Chaser

Here are some things that help me get out of my funk!

1. No matter how sad and complicated the situation gets, always honor your karmic partner. There is a part of yourself that is mirrored from him or her the same way your Twin Flame mirrors you. So respect humanity in general — appreciate the uniqueness of each individual especially those entangled in your karmic web. Married Twin Flames: 15 Survival Tips

2. Love is love: just because your karmic partner does not love you the same way your Twin Flame does does not mean they he or she does not love you. There are many types of love — don’t break another person’s heart in the process of dissolving the relationship. It says so much about you. Running and Chasing: The Twin Flame energetic Dance

3. Embrace the truth and positivity. You have to be honest with yourself especially when considering what is best for you. If you want to pursue a relationship with a Twin Flame do it with conviction and faith. You cannot have one foot stuck in your karmic relationship and the other with your Twin Flame. Choose with all your heart. Karmic Partners: How do you focus on yourself when you know that your Twin Flame is married to someone else?


4. Communication is also key! Make sure to express to your Twin Flame your heart’s desires and future aspirations. Do not keep your Twin Flame guessing — he or she must be aware of your truth. Remember, they are also battling within themselves with their Twin Flame experiences. Surrender: How to free your Soul.

5. Have gratitude and carry forgiveness in your heart for yourself and others. You will heal quicker and you will also create better relationships with those around you.

6. Focus on channeling your Twin Flame energy to heal those around you. Helping others feel better automatically makes you feel better. Dark Night of the Soul for non-spirituals

7. Do not run from your problems: Allow yourself to feel pain, fear, and all the negative feelings of anxiety that follow suit when you think of making the difficult changes to free yourself from your karmic partner. Embrace your feelings and let them empower you to keep moving forward.

Keep in mind changing is overwhelming— you are always afraid to separating your families in case you divorce. Sometimes you will lose friends especially in-laws. Some people in your society who assume that you have a perfect relationship will think you are crazy leaving your karmic partner. You will also be afraid of ending up alone if your Twin Flame does not return. The infamous Twin Flame Separation Phase: A blessing in disguise.

All in all, BELIEVE in love and trust the love connection that you feel to guide you through the karmic mess.

I hope this helps you! Check my page for Practical tips on how to overcome the Obstacles.


Stay blessed!

Stay Blessed!

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