How did the Twin Flame encounter affect your dating lifestyle?


He was quite all over the place with women — like a serial Tinder person — After we separated, our mutual friends keep commenting that he struggles with relationships — I love how you say that it is unfair to other persons who you try to date and it is! It is not fun toying with other peoples emotions. Runner Reunion Guide Back to The Chaser

Sometimes I tell myself that even if I don’t end up with him, i know how it truly feels to love unconditionally. I know how to keep myself happy — and I know Self-love and inner peace. It is plain and simple! Your Twin Flame shows that he or she loves you, misses you, and ALWAYS talks about you and whoever is in a relationship with can tell! It is impossible to hide your love for a Twin Flame even though you hide behind relationships.

The karmic partner can also try to block you on behalf of your Twin Flame: I have been channeling his heavy energy. I go from happy to anxious to breaking down into tears. I have been an emotional train wreck. I felt physical pain, vomiting, and all sorts of symptoms associated with energy cleansing. Married Twin Flames: 15 Survival Tips


Generally I feel happy, calm, content and secure within myself. I can confidently say that I overcame the pain of separation a couple of months ago.

I am focusing on settling into my authentic self; I love myself and I now understand who I am. The running, blocking, and chasing is a blessing in disguise — you gain a new appreciation of authentic love. Twin Flame Chaser Pain or Learn to Surrender

I believe that chasing and running is the quickest way for any Twin Flame to face their inner issues. On the outside it may seem immature but for the divine partners it is a learning and healing process.

I am honestly thankful for all the complicated situations I have been through especially the challenging times of running or chasing.

I learned so much about myself! Transform Yourself For A Union: Recovery & Healing 11:11

Positive Vibrations to uplift your energetic vibrations.

Twin Flames Vs Karmic Partners

Stay blessed.

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