How do you know that you are Energetically merging with your Twin Flame?


Merging happens in very many subtle ways and it is something you cannot quicken, slow down or even have slight control over. It is like breathing. You just breathe without thinking of it.

Because energy merging is unique to every Twin Flame couple, I will only draw examples from my own Merge experiences. I was aware of every step of the merging experience with my Twin Flame; some experiences caught me by surprise and others were gradual every day. Twin Souls Merging: Blessings of Twin Flame Love

All this happens Energetically. And for us, it all started with the EYES. 

Our Souls had already recognized each other but our physical selves had not. When we locked eyes, we realized who we are to each other deeply. When I look in the eyes of my Twin Flame, I get absorbed in his Soul. I can feel what he is feeling, and we feel like one person. This is the most obvious merge experience between us, and it happens all the time we are together. Our eyes speak so much more than words would. We share unconditional love, trust, and hope.

Energy Merging & Healing

We both have so much empathy, Kindness, forgiveness, acceptance and unconditional love for each other. Because of this, we let the love flow to each other in the connection with faith, and trust.

When I am with my Twin Flame, I feel like I have a glowing light over my head, and I feel strong and powerful within myself. Even to my Twin Flame, I could see how I affect him because he is always bursting with Life. Understanding Telepathic merging


Since we both mirror our energy to each other, once we fully merged in energy, I started to dream about my Twin Flame almost every night, and the Telepathic communication also increased.

After healing my energy this past year, I feel at One with my Twin Flame; we are one single energetic unit vibrating together in Love and harmony. We are two complete halves of One Soul. Twin Flame Union Guide 11:11

Once Your Energy finds that Equal Signature that you both Share as Twin Flames, Merging begins. You have found your point of Merge by learning how your shared energy works. You only find that point of merge after you have learned about your personal energy & your Twin Flame shared energy.

Physical Merge

My thoughts changed, I could feel like my Twin Flame download their memories into mine. It is like our conscience merged as well. I could have glimpses of visions of their own thoughts and because of this, I could beat them to finishing their own sentences.

My Twin Flame’s eating habits merged with mine; we started to eat the same kind of foods, and we also ended up sharing food on the same plate. This happened so naturally that at some point, we could drink the same beer bottle. Twin Flames Explained in Brief

Our fashion style, color choice, and textures are Identical with my Twin Flame. There were days when we both can find each other wearing complementing colors of our clothes.

The last point of merge that I am looking forward to is the sexual merge. I will elaborate further on this in the future after we physically reunite with my Twin Flame which is around the corner.


Once you have fully merged with your Twin Flame, you will realize that you are not the same old version of yourself as before you encountered your Spiritual awakening. You start to embody an androgynous fusion of energy because you fully become one with your Twin Flame.


Weight Loss : Signs of Spiritual Awakening

When I started channeling my Twin Flame’s energy, I started to shed a lot of weight. This was also coupled with the intense purging process of my past pain and fears. For just two weeks, I have lost over six kilograms of weight.

Change in Sleep pattern

Once I encountered my Twin Flame, my sleeping schedule changed completely. This is mainly because I am in sync with his sleeping pattern since we come from different time zones. Managing Separation Pain

The one way to tell that I channel my Twin Flame’s sleeping patters is when he travels out of his own home country. Most of this time, I struggle with a change in my sleeping patterns as well once he moves to a different time zone.

Emotional Bliss

In positive vibration, the euphoria is intensified, and If there is a negative energy vibe, I also feel extreme anxiety and lingering sadness.

Intensified Telepathy (Understanding Telepathy For A Non-Spiritual)

The mental conversations, and feeling my Twin Flame is natural after we merged energetically. I can just tune into our shared energy and feel his presence. Here, I stopped obsessing over missing him, and Instead, I just feel him.

Change in Diet

My Twin Flame is into healthy foods. When I was with him physically, my eating habits changed and I started to also eat vegetables and home-cooked food. Once we separated, I completely changed my diet for more healthy foods than before. Surrender to Self-love

Take care of yourself; your mind and your body. You cannot control merging with your Twin Flame but you can control how you respond to your Twin Flame process.

Stay Blessed!

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