Is Celibacy stage necessary for Twin Flame Union?


Well it is not necessary but it is how your sexual system works after healing and uniting yourself within. You feel content and emotionally fulfilled by Soul Intimacy that you share with your Twin Flame.

Because of Soul oneness — you feel sexually attracted to your divine partner in 5D. You make love to each other in the Soul without physical touch. Twin Flame Union Guide

Secondly, when you find inner union, you have a paradigm shift about Love and sexual intimacy generally. You rise above the human condition. You understand life and sex from a Spiritual perspective. Twin Flame Spiritual Guides For a Non-spiritual

Thirdly, you don’t feel like tainting your new found energy. You don’t want to mix your aura with others. You find peace and happiness through Solitude. How to overcome Twin Flame Chaser Grief

I love this question.


Stay Blessed!

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