Can Telepathy occur in the “running” Twin Flame during Physical Separation?

I don’t think my Twin Flame realizes that his emotions, thoughts, and energy affect me too. Sometimes I get a heart flutter or I feel the left bottom side of my heart heat up because I can feel his energy flow towards me.

When he is upset, instead of feeling his anger, I just break down in tears or I feel like I want to vomit, it depends on the intensity of the feeling.

One time almost a year ago, I was feeling sad at 4am, and I started crying but for no reason.

I was so exhausted, and I needed some rest from the emotional chaos, and I needed some sleep. I said to myself if this is you treating me this way, it hurts. Give me a sign it’s you!

He texted our mutual friend in that instant, and he told me the next morning that my Twin Flame wanted to find out how our joint business is going. (My Twin knew my business was struggling)

After that situation happened, I believed that yes it’s like we talk to each other within ourselves as Twin Flames.

When he is in a low energy vibe or when he is upset, I start to feel anxious and my mind runs to all these doubts and negative thinking. I start to worry about everything that I cannot control.

After learning about our combined energy, I can easily tell when Telepathy kicks in.

I no longer obsess about us or worry about my Twin Flame not loving me. I am confident in myself that unconditional love will bring us closer and closer.

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