How can you create a simple meditation routine?

With Surrender, I have managed to ground myself in my energy that I can just attract my Twin Flame with my own soul. 

It took me one year to understand and master this so please be patient with yourself especially at the beginning. Don’t force yourself, you must genuinely want to connect with your Twin Flame telepathically.

Depending on your Energy Signature vibration with your Twin Flame, you must be able to register your lows and highs in the connection just by understanding your emotional well-being, and that of your Twin Flame partner.

This may be challenging to register during physical separation because we tend to focus on the “push or pull” or “chase / Run” of the Connection or when you have never physically met your Twin Flame in person.

Have you heard about “Taking back your Energy”? This simply means, you “withdraw” all your energy from “chasing” or “running” in the connection and you focus that same energy towards healing your inner wounds and pain.

Because now I know my twin’s energy when he is hungry, Sick, Happy, sad and when they are sexually aroused, etc; I can know what Kind of Love Energy to send back to them in particular situations during meditation.

I usually meditate to connect with him at Particular times of the day. For example, I usually meditate before his bedtime, or when he is sleeping, even during his morning time. I know that his mind is calm and resting and he will feel me or at least Dream about me trying to connect and give him a message.

Just by doing this, I created my own simple meditation routine. My own time, my own pace.

During my “Soul Shock” phase, every time I could feel his pain and sadness, I could just break down and cry. I did not understand that they were his emotions. When I learned the difference between his energy and mine, I started to send my Twin Flame Love back right away every time I felt his emotions. This forced me to always keep a “Happy Heart” just in case. It, in turn, raised my energy vibrations and quickened healing. It also strengthened the Intensity of our Telepathic Communication.

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