What is Healing Realisation?

The realization is the phase when you start to put pieces together to make sense of the alchemical transformation of soul healing and cleansing after that intense period of purging your past pains.

This stage happened for me after I surrendered to the connection and I completely opened my heart to accept unconditional love for myself and from my beloved Twin Flame partner.

The biggest lesson for me during realization is that I understood that my Twin Flame and I are the same in energy vibration and we have never energetically separated from each other. We are always together in thoughts, feelings, and emotions. I am constantly thinking of him every moment of the day. When I’m sleeping, he is in my dreams. 

After I realized that we are always together, I relaxed in myself and gave up the need to feel too attached to the connection. After this happened, I gave up the need to control how my Twin Flame should be and I got rid of all the expectations that I had. 

I stopped obsessively missing him and, I started to feel the constant love flowing in the connection between him and me, and that eased all my pain because it was an affirmation that we are one in Soul which eased my soul healing.

I also realized that I had the power to repel or attract my divine partner through my mental thought processes and the ways I spent my energy. If I focus on investing the energy in positivity and soul growth, the change would happen in acceleration. If I focused on low energy, I would feel distant from the connection and the love from my twin. Your twin needs you to be the equal energy partner that you already are. 

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