You experience union every step of the way starting from the moment you open your heart to love unconditionally the moment you meet your Twin Flame. 

You are active in the union and you are the main participant of your own Spiritual process and also you reap the benefits of healing directly without the assistance of your Twin Flame. Your Twin Flame is just a teammate energetically. 

With no doubt, you will learn to accept that you deserve unconditional love within yourself and you will realize that love exists in you already. Surrender will bring you here.

Merging happens on its own. At some point, everything will feel like it’s working in your favor. Even if you’re experiencing a tough Life moment, you will find ease in finding solutions to that particular challenge.

Your immunity to emotional pain will go up nothing will freak you out easily or shock You, you will have total personal control over yourself and your Life. You can actually feel the personal power growing as you keep working on yourself. The universe will just keep sending positive affirmations to you that you are doing a great every step of your Spiritual journey.

You will not crave, need or have the emotional attachment that you had at the beginning of awakening. You will feel so free to let your Love flow between you and your Twin Flame unconditionally. You will become love itself in every sense of it.

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