How are Twin Flames Energetic mirrors to each other?

After eight solid months of dealing with the pain of being separated from my Twin Flame, then him ghosting me and I found a way to heal through surrender, he suddenly made contact. 

When he messaged, he was so amazing, loving and authentic the way he always is. But, I was very surprised by my response to his return.

I suddenly felt inadequate, and insecure to talk to him. I was getting used to having him ghost me and I did not know how to respond to him since his return was unexpected. On the other hand, I could feel his confusion too, because he had feelings of guilt for coming back. At this point, we were both surprised by how we both responded to the reconnection.

I wanted to explode with the giant feeling of Love for him. Being in Separation my feelings have grown strong and over-powering. I felt like a text message would not do it to give me satisfaction from expressing my giant feelings for my Twin Flame.

At the same time, I did not want him to ghost me again. I did not know what to say to him to make him stay. When he keeps ghosting me without warning, it really hurts a lot.

Because of our telepathy, I knew that he was inhabiting feelings of running. The next day, before I suggested to stay away, he texted me first to say that I stop texting with him because I make him uncomfortable. 

I actually responded right away and said I understood because I knew it before he even told me. I explained to him why I felt terrible, it is because I felt unworthy of his instant return and that I was afraid of messing it all up. 

I suggested that I keep away from him, we both Mirrored these feelings to each other. We both embodied negative feelings of not being worthy of each other that it sparked our no contact phase every time. After this mirroring happened, I learned that If I am feeling positive, he is too.

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