Signs of Energy Healing in Separation

At some point on your Spiritual Journey, you will start to recognize the authentic you rising from within yourself. This happens after you have shed all the pain, emotional dirt, fear, personal insecurities, and many more dirty emotions that you have accumulated over your past life.

You need to recognize the signs of recovery so that you can keep doing the great of your soul growth.

You stop obsessing about your Twin Flame partner, and instead, you focus on finding peace, and harmony in your life. I remember the days I used to hate life because I was missing half of my soul especially at the beginning of our physical separation. I was so obsessed with thinking negative thoughts of separation, and fear. 

After two years of hard-working, I am so happy with the person that I have become. I used to chase him every time I missed him; if not with my mind, it was with my thoughts, emotions, and actions. I do still think of him every single day but I feel free to be myself. I love him as the first time but I don’t have that neediness to reach out to him or stalk his social media.

You have no fear anymore. I was so full of fear especially before I started this Twin Flame Journey. I was afraid of being loved, I had a fear of not being good enough, the fear of not fitting in, fear of what others thought of me. So many little fears were eating at my thoughts every day. Now that I feel healed, I feel complete, and grounded in my own soul truth, and Faith. This experience has grounded my faith in unconditional Love, and the trust that everything will be all right.

Self-love is natural to you. I withdrew my energy and deposited it towards my self-growth. With Self-love, the process of this experience is exciting, and I put myself first in everything unlike before. I treat myself better, and I have respect for myself, my twin, and the connection. 

Sometimes Twin Flames are soaked into the phase of purging their own pain, and we forget that there will be a sunrise. The phase of purging your personal pain also passes, and you start to experience new feelings, and emotions because you just keep merging energetically with your Twin Flame.

Your emotions, thoughts, and feelings become one. This is the most rarely talked about the phase of the Twin Flame Journey, but it is important to manage your expectations. The pain goes away at some point, and you completely feel your true authentic self. 

This is the phase of constant bliss; you feel balanced from within yourself and unconditional love keeps consuming you. Here, you completely accept to feel your Twin Flame shared energy, you forget about separation completely, and you begin to just feel unconditional love.

The energy within you keeps growing and growing. You feel yourself merge, and merge with your Twin Flame. Everything becomes intensified as if you are physical with your Twin Flame in person yet you are still in physical separation. Telepathy is Real. You don’t have any doubts about your Telepathy with your Twin Flame. You can just automatically start the mind chatter, and the casual mental conversations just keep flowing as if you are sitting right next to each other. 

The intensity of your dreams is so realistic that you feel alive in each dream that you have. You can feel your Twin Flame’s presence, the energy connection, and the emotions. 

You start to practice hobbies that you know your Twin Flame enjoys. You feel in sync in love, passion, energy, and existence. This energy is so soothing, comforting, and beautiful.

You also have faith that you are at one with your Twin Flame, you don’t care about the union but you know that you are already united in love.

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