What kind of changes do you go through as a runner Twin Flame during separation?


You have to embrace the changes that come your way as a Twin Flame. It does not matter if you accept your Twin Flame connection or not. Transformation takes over your life.

From my experiences, I went through the following changes: Managing Separation Pain: How to recover and heal your pain and Soul Shock.

The Twin Flame transformation happens to you mentally, psychologically, energetically, and emotionally.

Spiritual Awakening

The first sign of meeting a Twin Flame is the spiritual transformation that you go through. The spiritual changes that you go through change your energetic vibrations. You feel a rise in your energetic frequency because you experience an energetic merging. 

Your dreams change. You think of him or her 24/7. You feel their essence hovering over you.

Apart from feeling your Twin Flame’s essence with you all the time, you also go through an awakening. You wake up to your life situation. You pursue a life of authenticity.

The spiritual awakening that you go through is your first step to surrendering. You allow yourself to break down so that you can build yourself up. Insightful Answers Twin Flame Runner Questions

You shed your ego. You go into yourself to hug your inner child. You embrace your core wounding.

When you face your inner pain, you realize that you have the inner strength to heal. You feel empowered to face your fears so that you can feel free.


The main reason why I ran from my Twin Flame was that I was scared of feeling unconditional love. I was not used to feeling disarmed and vulnerable. Twin Flame Union 11:11: A Preparation Guide For Beginners

I had so much pain that was buried within me. I went through cycles of energetic cleansing. I had to shed my energy.

After the spiritual awakening process, I became enlightened. The spiritual growth experience brought light into my life. I learned to simplify everything I do. I work towards creating more happiness in my life.

Psychological Transformations: Also, the runner goes through emotional changes. You feel the shift in your consciousness; your paradigm changes.

How to overcome Twin Flame Separation Pain: Simple Healing Tips

Twin Flame Runner Experience

Stay Blessed!

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