How does it feel to know that you will reunite with your runner Twin Flame?


Before you separate, you already have an inner knowing that you will see him or her again. You are shocked to know such a special person. You feel a natural attraction to him or her. Separation is excruciating to a Twin Flames.

Being a Twin Flame runner partly feels like you are scared of confronting the truth. You have an imminent feeling that you found the person your soul has been looking for. You know that there will never be anyone else right for you no matter who you try to connect with.


The Twin Flame connection catches you by surprise. You feel overwhelmed by the authenticity of the connection.

If are not used to feel vulnerable or loved unconditionally, Twin Flame love upsets the balance within you. You feel your emotions rattled. There is chaos between your heart and mind. You wonder if you are being delusional or crazy.

From my experiences and learnings, the Twin Flame journey is a process of accepting unconditional love. You go through a series of love lessons; you learn to open your heart fully to feeling loved.

The reason why self-love is essential is that you learn to feel love within yourself before you accept it from your Twin Flame. 

You learn that a reunion with your Twin Flame is inevitable because your encounter was divinely orchestrated. 

Stay Blessed!

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