Has anyone with their twin flame had very traumatic things happen between each other and still had union after separation. Like we both did each other wrong. He’s the runner. But I forgave. where he’s told me to go away forever and blocked?


Over here! Three years ago, I thought that I had lost him forever — I was the runner and I blocked him. He was hurt by my running behaviors and frustrations. He then also blocked me. I got more frustrated and I blocked him too.

I could not help but miss him when we both blocked each other — I started chasing him trying to find forgiveness so that we can be friends again. Twin Flame Chaser Healing Tips

He then told me later that maybe it was best for us not to talk to each other since I was married then to his friend. I grew more desperate and anxious. I assumed then that it was over.

For 6 months, I went into a funk — I was lovesick every day and if the pain was too much, I would fall on my knees and cry like a baby. I felt helpless. I lost weight and my friends thought I was sick or something. How to manage Twin Flame Separation Pain

Even though we did not want to talk to each other, I felt he will me all day and every night even though I was sleeping. I felt his essence merging with mine. I think of him 24/7. I feel him in my blood always — I am him.

I thought that I had lost him but I was wrong; we both had pain within ourselves and we were afraid of each other’s hunger 3 years ago. 15 Authentic Truths only Twin Flames Know

He told our mutual friends that he went through a Traumatic phase when we separated. He went Soul searching all over the world to figure out why he was going through changes after our initial encounter.

He also ran into a temporary relationship but I guess he is finding it difficult to bond with anyone else like I am struggling. Twin Flame Explained in Brief


Recently I learned that when I thought that he had forgotten about me, he has been tracking me through every means he can:

  • Now it makes sense why he sent a friend of his to be my guest and he rented out the guest house for a year — He was his informant.
  • He has been calling our mutual friends at least every other 3 months to check in on me. And, he has been updating them about his life hoping that I would the message that he is doing his best to return. Our mutual friends say that now he calls every other few weeks to chat for no particular reason.
  • He has also been tracking my social media; I am guessing he is one of the pseudo accounts that keep seeing my Instagram stories. Answers to Twin Flame Runner Questions

Anyway, it does not matter what happens between you and your Twin Flame; you protect each other and you have unconditional empathy for each other that you easily find forgiveness.

Also, you learn that love does not hurt but rather it is the pain that is embedded within us that is painful to heal. You have to let the pain go so that unconditional love can sit in you!

Healing = Forgiveness = Reconciliation


Signs of a Twin Flame 101

Twin Flames Vs Karmic Partners

Stay Blessed!

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