How do you know or recognize hearing your twin flame’s thoughts?


I love this question: Twin Flame telepathy is the most magical experience I have ever been through.

I would never have recognized it if I had not physically met my Twin Flame. It was triggered once we locked our gazes; something within me moved. I knew that we had a sacred bond and a unique form of energetic communication.

Twin Flame telepathic communication is triggered at the beginning of the Kundalini Awakening process.

When you energetically merge with a Twin Flame, you are connected to the Source. Twin Flame merging happens through sexual encounters or intense emotional interactions in the physical life or dreams.

When you merge energetically, your dormant Twin Flame connection is activated. Your psychic abilities are amplified. Even though you have never had psychic abilities before, Twin Flame Telepathic communication grows instantly, and rapidly overnight.


When you energetically interact with your Twin Flame, your Souls are brought online. You feel connected to your higher consciousness.

Twin Soul telepathy enables Twin Flames to hear each other’s thoughts — you converse mentally.

You can sense your Twin Flame’s moods and feelings. Sometimes you know things that you never knew before. You channel your Twin Flame memories. You download chunks of knowledge into each other energetically.

You share an energetic frequency that is unique to only you and your Twin Flame in the entire Universe. You are always tuned in to each other’s energetic channel — You are open to each other like an old-fashioned radio. You are always communicating heart to heart.

Telepathic communication intensifies as you clear your energy. You align with the Source. Twin Flame separation is indeed an illusion; I feel in touch with my Twin Flame even though we have been apart for over three years.

It nonstop whether you acknowledge thoughts of your Twin Flame or not. It is a vicious cycle between the divine pair. I believe that the main reason why you cannot stop thinking of a Twin Flame is that they cannot stop thinking of you either. You also feel like they left parts of themselves with you. You are reminded of them because you feel him or her in you.


Sometimes, it is his emotional pain that I feel because of the energetic share. When the intensity of the pain that I channel from my Twin Flame gets unbearable, I feel nauseous and puke. Throwing up releases the tension in my chest. Suddenly, I feel better after that.

Thinking of your Twin Flame starts from the moment you acknowledge each other. Incessant thinking of a Twin Flame is part and parcel of the Twin Flame experiences.

When you are separated from each other even though temporarily, energetic merging keeps happening. You always feel inclined to check in on your Twin Flame.

Stay Blessed!

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