Why do Twin Flames Separate?


There are various reasons why you would separate from a Twin Flame in the following ways:

  • Wrong timing and challenging obstacles especially if your Twin Flame is married with complicated issues like having children involved. It is best for everyone involved in your life situation if you both choose to stay away from each other. It is heartbreaking if you cannot control the events — there is nothing about the Twin Flame journey that you can control. I know the stress that follows suit if you separate from a Twin because I was also married. I blocked him, unblocked, and chased him for over a year until I got exhausted because all my efforts were fruitless. Twin Flame Union Guide
  • Secondly, Twin Flames also can separate if there is more healing to be done within each individual. Twin Flames are hypersensitive to each other especially if you have pain within you. Apart from triggering your pain to come to the surface, a Twin Flame accelerates your energetic purging. You feel excruciating emotional chaos. Your pain manifests in form of anger and emotional stress. You experience constant mood swings. It is very easy to pass this pain onto your Twin Flame which can manifest in form of emotional abuse. It is best to stay away from a Twin Flame because he or she mirrors to you your deepest fears and greatest desires. Eventually, a reunion is inevitable because you end up circling each other. Understanding Twin Flame Telepathy 101
  • Twin Flames also separate because of different geographical locations — My Twin Flame and I live on separate continents. It was physically impossible to be together and it was very challenging to catch each other on the phone because of the time difference.

In essence, you are never separated because you are always thinking of each other. You are in each other’s dreams. You also channel his or her energy all the time. You are one in essence. If you are struggling with the pain of separation from a Twin Flame, try this!

Twin Flame separation is an illusion indeed.

Stay blessed!

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