How do Twin Flames feel each other’s pain?


Funny that you ask this question because I felt my Twin Flame yesterday all day and I went on my knees and cried like a baby. It was his birthday and I am guessing he had woken up to my message since we live on separate continents. Also, we rarely talk to each other and I highly doubt that he thought I wish him a happy birthday anyway.

I knew right away that I had started channeling his feelings because I could not focus on anything creative or important. It felt like I am here but also with him because I felt an intense energetic pull towards him — I also felt a magnet heart pulling — our hearts kept radiating love towards each other. This was very mind-boggling indeed.

Over the past three years since our initial encounter, I have learned to feel his emotions whether good or bad — I have learned to balance his energy within me. It used to affect me negatively especially if he feels sad. I would have mood swings and sometimes I would not get out of bed because of the love-sickness.

A Twin Flame can run from you and tell you that he or she does not love you but you can still feel it when they miss you. You feel his or her longing for you. You feel it when a Twin Flame is thinking of you or when they want to be sexually intimate with you. You feel a sexual orgasmic pull towards him or her.


When I felt my Twin Flame yesterday, I went into a long relaxing meditation phase. I opened my heart to receive all the energy he sent my way. I embraced our love connection in my heart and sent to him love inform of loving empathetic feelings, love whispers, and simple prayers of positive affirmations.

I have learned to accept every aspect of my Twin Flame journey; I have no control over how things unfold.

I try not to resist my Twin Flame’s energy or feelings. Inner resistance brings me more frustration and pain which makes me feel restless all day.

I accepted my Twin Flame experience as part of my natural human condition.

Stay Blessed!

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