Twin flames that don’t end up together (happened to my close friend so I know) does that happen because they do not evolve/just get stuck in a karmic cycle?


This is a really good question: This is what I have learned over the past three years being on this Twin Flame journey.

We are partly responsible for our Twin Flame reunions in one way or another. It takes the divine partners to work in alignment with a harmonious union.

Yes, of course, divine timing is at play — (God, Universe, Source, etc) — this is the 3rd factor in my opinion. The unifying factor — like a Spiritual Matrimony. The Union between you and your Twin Flame partner. These simple tips helped me to initiate a Reunion with my Twin Flame.

I also believe that for both Twin Flames to come into matrimony to create the third entity, you both have to feel whole within. (Inner Union). The Twin Flame journey is a battle within the self and the Physical Reunion is the Icing on the Cake.

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For you to enjoy the icing on the cake, you have to first make sure that you have made a perfect cake; during the Twin Flame journey, “YOU ARE THE CAKE”.

When you accept and embrace growth, Soul Awakening, and Inner transformation, it is a process of refining yourself to be the best Cake that you can be. Meanwhile, your Twin Flame is going through the same refining process in his or her way. Married Twin Flames: How to Reunite with a Twin Flame


When you feel ready and re-aligned within, you both manifest the blessings of a harmonious reunion. You start gravitating towards each other effortlessly. You start re-aligning physically.

From my experience, a reunion is impossible due to some of the following reasons: REUNION TIPS

  • Refusal to change and grow — I struggled with accepting the changes that my Twin Flame had triggered into my life. Life became worse before it became before. I experienced so much emotional chaos. It manifested in my physical life situation and I could not see how easily I would surmount the obstacles especially since I was married. I felt overpowered by my pain. I was afraid of what my friends would think if I abruptly left my marriage. I was afraid of being judged by my choices. I cared so much about what society would think that I was crippled with fear.
  • Feeling stuck in dysfunctional Karmic relationships — Every time I tried to figure out how to amicably dissolve my karmic ties, I was always pulled back into the estranged dysfunctional relationship. I felt like I was going in circles without a way out. I felt caught up in my mind. I almost gave up on leaving my marriage especially when my Twin Flame stopped talking to me. I was afraid of ending up alone in case my Twin Flame found someone else.

It takes courage and inner strength to have faith in your Twin Flame process. You have to keep an open heart. Trust love. Trust your Twin Flame and believe in your blessings. Dark Night of the Soul for non-spirituals

Stay Blessed!

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