If a twin flame is not a romantic thing then why do I have a knowing that I am meant to be with him?


(I hope I do not step on some toes in this post — it is not my intention at all)

I am not an expert at identifying the types of Twin Flames, therefore I stick to trusting my experiences, inner knowing, and Soul truth.

No one can convince me otherwise — I know it in the depth of my soul that we are meant to be romantic Twin Flame because I feel the truth within me. Twin Flame Union 11:11: A Preparation Guide For Beginners

When we recognized each other, I knew right away that we met in this lifetime for us to experience authentic unconditional love. I feel it when I hug him — I see it when I look in his eyes, and being with him brings me inner peace because he is my home.

When I was new to the Twin Flame journey, every information I read online seemed intimidating, confusing, overwhelming, and too complicated for me to fathom. At some point, I tried to convince myself that it was a Soulmate connection because the idea seemed simpler for me to wrap my head around it. Understanding Twin Flame Telepathy for Beginners

Secondly, since the Spiritual nature was overly emphasized, I was a non-spiritual person. I was naive about what was to happen to me three years down the line.

For better or for worse, the connection to my Twin Flame has been my solace, my best friend, my source of joy, and happiness. It matters less if he is in the room or not, nothing can change how I love him. I have parts of himself within me. He is in my blood.

When you meet a romantic Twin Flame, you feel healing from the trauma that happened in your previous relationships. It feels like all your previous karmic partners were practice for you to love your Twin Flame the right way. Runner Return Signs: A Reunion Guide Back to The Chaser

The genuine authentic love connection to my Twin Flame has inspired me to grow, transform and awaken for the past three years.

Even though I crave to be with him every second of the day, I LOVE the new person that I have become. I had never imagined feeling free, safe, and content without needing any outside validation. I live a simple and humble life all because his love for me inspired me to face parts of myself that I thought were unlovable. I feel happier generally even though I miss him.

Meeting him has been the best gift of my life. I always thank God/Universe for all my blessings because Twin Flame love freed me from all my past pain, unexplained fears, and self-insecurities.Karmic Partners: How do you focus on yourself when you know that your Twin Flame is married to someone else?

Here are some facts I believe are epic truths about Romantic Twin Flames:

  • When you find each other, you know that you have found the love of your life. You relax — you feel a sense of relief as if you have searched for this person for eons and this is yours once in a million years chance. When you find each other, therefore, you don’t hide it no matter who is in the way. You know that you will move mountains to have a chance with him or her. You cannot contain your love for him or her. It is the most potent connection you will ever feel! When you meet a Twin Flame for the first time, you know that your life will change dramatically because you know in your Soul that he or she is your home and for you to be with them, you will have to change your life.
  • The unconditional love connection is the trigger and alchemist of the Spiritual Awakening process, not vice versa. If I did not feel unconditionally loved by him, I would never have bravely embraced the chaotic Spiritual growth lessons. Since the mirrors to me my deepest fears and greatest desires at the same time, he showed me parts of myself that I needed to work on especially building and emotional immunity and learning to build healthy personal boundaries. I could not resist the changes that happened in my life situation because for me to appreciate his love for me, I had to first fix my issues. (I also accept that Spiritual Awakening happens in so many forms and can be triggered by any experience or connection. I am sure there are experts about these Spiritual things.)
  • Thirdly and most importantly for me, I believe that Twin Flame love is the epitome of happiness. When you are separated from a Twin Flame, there is no separation because you think of each other 24/7. You dream of each other and you are constantly merging in energy. Physical separation is the true test of the authenticity of your connection. A Separation is also a blessing in disguise because you are both allowed the sacred healing space; you learn various love lessons, and you travel back within yourself to heal your inner child. Physical separation is a preparation phase for your Union or holly matrimony — this is if you both desire to end up together.

You have to inspire each other to keep moving forward as you surmount the obstacles standing in the way of a harmonious Union.

In my opinion, a Genuine Twin Flame connection heals you because you have eternal empathy for each other. You both understand that you have your issues to deal with. You inspire each other to heal and grow. You have forgiveness instead of tearing each other apart through petty fights and egoistic confrontations.

Separation is not negative. It is not a literal as it sounds. Separation begins within yourself — that feeling of disconnection from within yourself and the world around you. Your connection intensifies the feelings of separation; hence the manifestations in your physical life.

You can be in physical separation from a Twin Flame, you both work on yourself, and work towards a harmonious union without bickering and fighting each other.

(I might take up all space in here: More in my Bio!)

Stay Blessed!

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