Why is the love for your Twin Flame so strong?

Strong is an understatement. I thought that I had loved before but I guess I was wrong. Every relationship that I had before I met my Twin Flame was a lesson in itself to prepare me to embrace the divine connection.

There is nothing as sweet and potent as ate in Flame love. You feel all the broken parts within you come together as you heal. It washes all the emotional dirt within you that you carried for years.

The feeling of home; your safe place — you feel acknowledged and accepted even though you don’t say a word to each other. You have another dimension to your energetic bubble. You can both escape the room without leaving because you have a Spiritual connection. You talk without saying a word. I love it when this happens!

When you meet a Twin flame, you know right away that your search is over. You relax because you know that no one will ever love you like a TWin FLAMe does.

Stay Blessed!

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