Is it normal for a “chaser” twin to just stop trying after the runner has a long period of avoidance?

It is very interesting when this happens

It is very interesting when this happens — you feel exhausted from chasing because it feels like chasing the wind. You keep going in circles thinking you will get any response or positive results but chasing only amplifies the running behaviors.

You finally accept that chasing is not the answer; you Surrender.

Instead of investing your energy in chasing and obsessive behaviors, you pull it back gradually towards yourself — you take the most challenging journey of all, you travel back within yourself to the core.

You embrace yourself—you hug your inner child.

The runner Twin Flame automatically feels the energetic shift since you operate as a single energetic unit.

If you want to test if your runner feels you as much as you feel him or her, do it — honestly stay grounded in your energy without running or expecting him him or her to chase. Mind your own business and they will gradually try to reappear to give you a hint that they exist.

If you know it in your Soul that a Twin Flame loves you, you have no worry or fears that their love for you will dissipate. You also feel the connection grow within you every day!

Surrender indeed frees your Soul — you gradually grow the inner strength to be yourself. To learn more about your desires and spiritual needs.

I do believe that after a while, the storm within you calms down. When you feel balanced and grounded in inner harmony, it manifests in your life situation.

You start to unlock your blessings and abundance.

A Twin Flame Connection is more than just romance and Orgasmic Intimacy, it brings joy and happiness.

A reunion with a Twin Flame is imminent if you believe it and desire it.

Stay Blessed! 

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