What does it mean when I no longer feel the need to contact my TF and don’t feel the push and pull only at peace with him when I see him but still dream of him?

It is better than the Surrender phase — it is the phase after healing. You are thrown into mild emotional chaos every once in a while especially if your Twin Flame is struggling with his or her healing.

When you get to this point, you feel yourself realigning with your divine partner. The Universe and divine timing are always at play!

Also have you noticed how balanced you feel? It is because you are united within — you managed to balance the divine feminine energy with the masculine. This why you don’t feel the energetic push and pull.

This is the phase to prepare yourself for your reunion: Take care of your emotional, psychological, and Spiritual wellbeing.

This is what happens if you desire a harmonious reunion with your Twin Flame in this phase.

  • Set goals

Soon or later, you are bound to meet again. If you are both ready and set goals, your reunion is only the beginning of your forever. So make your personal goals independent of your Twin Flame so that when you meet, you compare notes. Remember that you are two beings United in love — you don’t want to lose yourself when you merge in the physical.

Life still goals on after the reunion:

  • Start asking yourself the most important questions

Where will you live together? Do you want children or not? Are you willing to relocate? What your plans for the future? Do you see yourself having a shared dream with your Twin Flame? What kind of work will you have to support your relationship?

Use this phase to map out your answers.

  • End the karmic ties if you haven’t yet fully let go.

Separation teaches you profound life and love lessons which later help you to understand why you met when you did.

You will not have a peaceful reunion if either of you is struggling with other relationships.

  • Take care of your image and do things that improve your self-with and esteem.

You must feel confident within yourself to be in the presence of your divine lover.

You don’t want to be the jealous one every time your Twin Flame is in the company of attractive people.

  • Believe in your reunion

Separation from a Twin Flame is a negative feeling that you must overcome— if you feel disconnected from within, it will manifest in the physical.

Believe in your blessings— work for your reunion, and watch your gifts unlocked.

Stay blessed!

(I had to take a screenshot because the moment I finished writing the answer to this question, 11:11 came on!)

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