How do twin flames find one another if they are on opposite ends of the globe?

It is so funny that you asked this question because it is insane how we kept crossing paths with each other through mutual friends.

We knew each other before we met. I had been married to his friend for over 5 years — they had been friends for 18 years.

Over the years I had been married, I had stories about him in passing. I knew in my heart that I will never like him. I could not see myself enjoying the company of someone like him. He sounded more of a snob.

We lived on separate continents anyway.

Two years before we met, my husband wanted me to meet him over lunch when we visited his hometown. I almost went but I turned the offer down because I needed to find my passport that afternoon so he went alone.

Four years before I met my Twin Flame, my husband was a guest in his home while he was visiting. He heard so much about me but he also did not know then that we would have such a cosmic connection.

My husband had told him so much about me I guess — we both never imagined that we are destined to be. It was an impulsive decision for him to come to visit us. It was his first time traveling to my continent. He was my guest for a month.

We still did not know about Twin Flames when we met but we felt the sacred bond right from the start. We looked into each other’s eyes and the rest is history!

Stay Blessed!

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