Why did your twin flame runners block or hide from your twin?


Feelings of shame, guilt, and uneasiness because he or she feels unworthy of unconditional love. Twin Flame Love disarms you — you feel vulnerable and uncomfortable.

For my us, we both triggered each other to feel all the pain that we had repressed from the past. Twin Flames Explained in Brief

When we had the deep Soul conversations, we told each other about our deepest pain — traumatic things that happened during our childhoods and our abandonment issues.

He would get overly jealous and overprotective when I was in the company of attractive guys. He would lose his cool and intervene so that no one would be gawking at me! — I knew right away that he had abandonment issues because he said to me that he feels like he has always been the abandoned child. Dark Night of the Soul for non-spirituals

Lately, he can’t help himself but stalk me through social media and mutual friends.

On the other hand, I had attachment issues; I told him him that I am afraid of goodbyes— I hate goodbyes.

I chased him because I was afraid of being alone. I always checked in on him wondering if he thinks of me.


When I realized my issues, I wrote to him a letter to tell him that our separation triggered my insecurities to come to the surface.

I thanked him for helping me realize my inner power. Does the Twin Flame Runner miss you and love you as much as you love them?

A Twin Flame runner also has all sorts of unexplained fears that are triggered by the deep connection.

  • Fear of abandonment— he or she would rather abandon you first before there is a possibility of abandoning them. It is a form of putting up a wall around their heart because they feel vulnerable around you.
  • Fear of changing — the Twin Flame encounter Asian you to embrace earth-moving changes that threaten your old life as you know it. The runner assumes that running back to their old life will save him or her from feeling the connection. It takes a while for them to realize that nothing can shield you from Twin Flame love. You also no longer got into your old life after the Twin Flame encounter.

This is how you can Surrender to Self-love

The runner loves as deeply as much as the chaser does.

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