Would a twin flame play games with the other? Stringing them along, leading them on when they were actually looking for a different relationship?


This is how you can Surrender to Self-love

Before you find each other, you have already been through hell and back. A Twin Flame finds you when you are almost giving up on love.

Even though you are both married or in a relationship — you feel unhurried to be with each other.

You have deep respect for each other and you also appreciate your Twin Flame’s husband or partner because you realize that they are detrimental in the process of helping your Twin become the person that they are.

Watching a Twin Flame with a Karmic partner is excruciating. But, you also gain a new perspective on how to love him or her.

Stringing a Twin along is impossible: He or she is your perfect lover.

Twin Flame Chaser Surrender: Learning to Let Go to Heal

You put all your bullshit aside and become a better person because you know that you have arrived home.


When I ran from him, I knew that my issues will hurt him more than my running. I knew that deep down he would understand my actions because I was so scared of love.

But, I also knew that he loves me unconditionally and I thought that being away from him can help him understand our connection better.

Oh god, I miss him everyday — I know that if he ends up in a relationship somewhere which he did already, it is because he needs to learn a few lessons.

When I met him, I realized that he had struggled with relationships; we both did before we found each other. My marriage was estranged and his heart had been broken into a million pieces.

Nonetheless, we woke each other up and shone light into our darkness.

All hope came back and we realized that there was much more to life than just what we knew.

We inspired each other to go back to what used to be our ordinary lives to make the necessary changes to become better human beings. To create the lives of our dreams.

We also promised to find each other some day.

I feel him with me all the time — I breathe him. We live inside each other.

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Stay Blessed!

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