What are good tips on how they get through the longing for DM in 3D. I have aspects that’s accepted this journey and feel a lot of peace now. But our lives are very intertwined and any tips would be great?


I accepted longing for him as part of my human condition. It never stops; some days are better than others but I still miss his comforting presence every second of the day.

I found self-love and inner peace. I radiate unconditional love naturally and no longer feel any past pain or unexplained fears like before. Epic Twin Flame Love Lessons

Sometimes I wake up with his energy hovering over me and it intensifies the longing deeply. When I cannot hold it together anymore, I break down and cry.

There are times when I feel energetically balanced within and then suddenly my heart sinks because he feels sad. Survival Tips for Married Twin Flames

Sometimes feeling his pain is more distressing than feeling mine because I cannot control the nature of his emotions the way I control mine — I just let his pain pass through me. Insightful Answers Twin Flame Runner Questions


Stay Blessed.

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