What are the special signs that your twin flame is missing you?


Five minutes before I saw this question, I was doing a task that needed me to concentrate. As I sipped my coffee, I felt balanced and calm as the caffeine kicked in.

Suddenly, I felt warm heart sensations around my heart area. I instantly smiled because I knew that my Twin Flame must be thinking of me. Profound Answers to Twin Flame Runner Questions

All of a sudden, euphoric feelings of love washed over me; I had to stop everything that I was doing because I could not stop thinking of him.


My heart feels heavy with euphoric feelings — none of this is in my control. I have been feeling happy and free of negativity lately. I feel balanced in inner harmony.

When I felt my Twin Flame pull me into the heart connection, I knew that he must be trying to make contact because it is how I feel before he manifests. Twin Flame Journey Guide For Newbies

Only real Twin Flames can tell you how it genuinely feels to miss each other because you do not doubt it.

Stay Blessed!

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