What advice would you give to those who are married but have met their twin flame and live in anguish with what the outcome will be?


When you meet your Twin Flame while you are married, you have no idea how events would unfold — your life changes dramatically without any of your control.

Things first get worse before they get better like below: How to overcome Twin Flame Obstacles Guide

  • Are you ready for a divorce from your husband to have a chance with a Twin Flame?

This is the most complicated question to answer because you have no idea how to dissolve karmic ties but the love connection empowers you to find inner strength. Twin Flame Runner Awakening: Does the Twin Flame Runner ever return? – What happens when the Runner wakes up?


I advise you to not involve your karmic partner in your divorce issues. He or she has no effect over the course of events.

Divorce from a karmic partner is complicated if you have a joint business or children involved.

If your culture does not support divorce or marital separation, it is difficult to confide in those closest to you so you suffer in quiet desperation. Karmic Partners: What happened to your previous relationship after you met your Twin Flame?

Dissolving Karmic ties requires grace and respect of yourself and your husband or karmic partner.

You can never estimate how long it takes to overcome your obstacles. You worry that your Twin Flame would drift off after separation.

  • Are you ready to temporarily let your Twin Flame go? Twin Flame Surrender Tips

It is true that when you love someone genuinely, you have to let them go and see what happens after that.


It is excruciating blocking a Twin Flame out of your life: You go through intense emotional desolations.

You have to trust love — you have to believe that if you are meant to be together, you will find each other again.

But before you reunite with a Twin Flame, you have respect everyone involved in your life situation. This is how you can Surrender to Self-love

You have to understand that everyone in your life is there to teach you a lesson.

I could go on and on!

I started a YOUTUBE Channel. https://youtu.be/iJRt99PfNgo

Stay Blessed!

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