What do twin flame runners feel in the bubble phase?


The bubble love phase is the initial encounter phase: We had no idea that we are Twin Flames to each other but we naturally aligned in every aspect of our lives. It is until we separated that we both started looking for answers to figure out what was happening. By this stage you have not yet figured out how your energetic dynamic flows. You do not know if you are capable of chasing or running. It is a neutral ground. Understanding Running and Chasing

The following happened to me and my Twin Flame during the Bubble love phase:

  • Intense eye contact

We both could not understand why we understood each other without saying a word. He could look into my eyes and figure out what I was thinking. He would read my emotions and my mind. I felt completely exposed to him. Transform Yourself For A Union: Recovery & Healing 11:11

Sometimes we would be surrounded by a group of friends and we could just stare at each other from across the room.

  • Mutual appreciation and understanding

We both are so protective of each other. When we separated, he thanked me for having his back. Married Twin Flames: 15 Survival Tips

  • Energetic Merging

You feel as if you downloaded each other’s energy — you feel energetic merging with a Twin Flame and it is unceasing. You will always feel his or her essence merging with yours. Twin Souls Merging: Oneness

You see his or her face when you close your eyes and you feel their energy with you everywhere we go.


If I had not experienced telepathic communication while I was with my Twin Flame, I would have assumed that I was going crazy during separation.

The Bubble love phase gave me an idea of what happens to him when I feel intensely sad — he feels sad as well. Does the Twin Flame Runner miss you and love you as much as you love them?

I could whisper words to myself in my mind and somehow he would say it out loud as if I was whispering to him.

He could also finish my sentences as if he lives in my mind.

When you initially meet a Twin Flame, you discuss your future plans, and also revisit your pasts to understand why life happened the way it did.

During the separation phase, you both understand that for you to be together in the future, there is work to do. You give each other clues on how to overcome the obstacles. You act as each other’s guides — you inspire each other to be your best versions. Twin Flame Union Guide

The memories that you share during the initial encounter also soothe you and give you hope during the darkest days. You feel hopeful.

  • Giving each other clues to a reunion

When you initially meet a Twin Flame, you know in your Soul that you will reunite or die trying move mountains to be with him or her. You feel inspired to dissolve any obstacles in your way and you always know that you both want to be with each other before separation.

When we were separating three years ago, my Twin Flame said to me; “I will figure out a way to come back.” — This is my daily hope that some day we shall find each other at crossroads again. Preparation for a Reunion Tips

When you retrace the events of your Twin Flame Awakening process, you realise that you have the map to your journey during the separation phase; you and your Twin Flame draw it through planning for the future, and discussing your issues that you both need to work on. Twin Flame Chaser Traits

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