Why could I be doing so well and suddenly feel a strong pull towards my twin flame then it stops? What is happening?


It is a feedback look; your Twin Flame can feel it if you have a shift in your energetic vibrations.

If you are not used to it the love pulling — you wonder why it feels one-sided. It is double sided — you both feel each other. Twin Flame Love Lessons

The best way to enjoy sharing love with your Twin Flame is by using your heart space to send love to him or her every time you feel a heart pulling.


The challenge with Surrender is that every time you try to focus on yourself, your Twin Flame pulls you back in. The same thing happens for you too — there are moments when you pull your Twin Flame into the connection when you take long to hear from him or her. How to overcome Twin Flame Separation Pain: Simple Healing Tips

You will always feel your Twin Flame but the trick is to ground yourself in your energy even though you feel the energetic pulling. Runner Return Signs: A Reunion Guide Back to The Chaser

Stay Blessed!

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