It has been 4 months since my twin flame last contacted me. I have been trying to not focus too much on him, but it is so unbearable. I find my heart aching sometimes, I want to numb the pain so much. What should I do?


There is nothing that you can do to help numb the pain. You have to let it hurt — let it pass through you. You will eventually learn to live with the void that you feel because you miss him or her.

I tried so many things to try to numb the pain of missing him; I went into a phase of drinking alcohol — I would drink myself to sleep. Even though I was drunk, it intensified feelings of missing him and our telepathic communication. I would end up drunk messaging him which I always regretted the next day. Twin Flame Chaser Traits

I tried to go back to my old life — I thought that running back into my estranged marriage would ease the pain but it only reminded me of how I can’t turn back time.

When I failed to find happiness in my past, I chased him for over a year. I thought he would make me feel better if he told me that we were both going through emotional chaos. My chasing behaviors only amplified his running actions. Chaser Surrender Tips


Then I blocked him; I thought that I was done with him but I could not stop feeling him with me all the time— always thinking of him 24/7.

I finally accepted that my life will change forever and that I will always miss him. Twin Flame Runner Traits

Every time I long for him or feel a void because of missing him, I let the feelings pass through me.

You have to learn to live with your Twin Flame condition.


Stay Blessed!

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