Has the chaser ever almost united with their twin flame but something makes them run, or are they always unconditional and doormats for others?


When it comes to Twin Flames, it is all about breaking the cycles of dysfunction, breaking free from chains of fear and insecurities — no one can make you feel like a doormat if you don’t feel it already within yourself. Twin Flame Chaser Surrender: Learning to Let Go to Heal

After I realized that I had reversed from being the runner to the chaser, I told my Twin Flame that it grew inner power to stay grounded within myself every time we oscillated back and forth between running and chasing.

Chasing a Twin Flame is not a sign of weakness — it is a process of learning and realizations.

Chasing behaviors trigger your pain to manifest especially if you have abandonment issues. (If you have been a chaser or runner, you know that there is no difference between a runner or chaser) — it is an energetic dance — An ebb and flow.

From my experiences as a former runner and chaser, I believe that the chaser has the grounding power for the energetic merge.

When you stop chasing a Twin Flame, it changes your energetic dynamic: you feel your energy pulling the runner into your shared energy.

The chaser plays a very vital role in the Twin Flame process because the runner cannot run if nothing is chasing him or her. Does the Twin Flame Runner miss you and love you as much as you love them?

I have to emphasize that a reunion is possible and imminent with a Twin Flame if you believe in it — and also work towards it every day. You set goals for your journey, you do your inner work, and you seek healing and forgiveness.

A harmonious relationship manifests when you feel united within. It all starts with you! Married Twin Flames: 15 Survival Tips


Stay Blessed!

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