In surrender, you almost gain an understanding of who you are and a strange love & patience takes over. Now you are ready to keep becoming your best version without expecting anything in return. What is this strange place?


I am in this phase right now! It is the most heavenly, blissful, and glorious feeling ever! You feel your inner power — you are god yourself. You are a Spiritual being going through a human condition. You believe in your blessings.

If you have reached this stage, it is the epitome of happiness of the Twin Flame experiences. You feel inner freedom, you feel free of fear or pain. You feel authentic. Surrender to Self-love tips

You also feel your Twin Flame the most when you get to this stage — you feel an effortless means of telepathic communication. You feel your Twin Flame pull you into the connection. Twin Flame Union 11:11: A Preparation Guide For Beginners

You have no doubt that you are loved unconditionally. Reunion Tips

Stay blessed!

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