What is it like meeting up with your twin flame in which you both have partners?


I too was married when I met my Twin Flame. I went through a series of emotional pain to understand what had come over me. I believed that I was happy with my ordinary life situation but changes took over my life after our encounter. I understand your frustration because you are in my Twin Flame shoes. 13 Stages of Twin Flame Runner Awakening

I have a few tips for you that might help you to find inner peace while you trust that you will eventually reunite with your married Twin Flame. Life gets easier and better as you learn to couple with your Twin Flame’s absence. I know some people will advise you to leave your Twin Flame alone, but, you must know where you are standing. You do not want to be left on the sidelines. 20 Signs A Twin Flame Misses You

You also do not want to wait on somebody who will never return. I learned that the beauty of the Twin Flame connection is that it is authentic – you cannot fake it or disguise the love feelings.

Even though your Twin Flame is stuck in a karmic relationship; no matter how complicated the situation is, you both acknowledge each other. The most important questions to ask yourselves are — How do you proceed? How do you live the rest of your lives knowing that a Twin Flame exists? And, if you acknowledge your Twin Flame, what do you do to spend the rest of your life with him or her? 15 Authentic Truths ONLY Twin Flames Know

The reason why you need closure is that you must be on the same wavelength as your Twin Flame. Even though he blocks you, if you know that he is doing it for a good reason, then you have to respect his need for space.


If your Twin Flame is blocking you because the feelings for each other are not mutual, then you have to analyze the situation delicately. All in all, you must know that it is not just an obsession. You deserve the TRUTH even though sometimes it is very hard to hear. Married Twin Flames: 15 Survival Tips

Secondly, the Twin Flame journey is personal — You both need to clear the obstacles in your lives to have a chance of a reunion. If you are lucky to be single, just know that a married Twin Flame suffers from so much agony. Dissolving a marriage is not easy especially if there are kids in the equation. Also, life gets more complicated for your Twin Flame if his finances are merged with a Karmic partner. How do you move on with your life is a Twin Flame is married?

From my experience as a previously married Twin Flame, I did not expect my life to get as complicated as it did right after I met him. I blocked him first and he was hurt by my running behaviors. To be honest, I was scared of changing my life as I knew it. I was overwhelmed with the intense love feelings, and I was horrified by negative thoughts — I cared about what others would gossip about me if I divorced. On the other hand, I was not very sure if my Twin Flame would still be there if I chose to dissolve my marriage to be with him. Enjoying life after divorce: Easy Tips

This is also one of the reasons why you should make your intentions clear to your Twin Flame. Even though the truth might make him uncomfortable and block you, at least he or she knows your truth. Telling your Twin Flame how you feel is very challenging. The truth is that there are no right words to use — Only speaking the truth of your heart matters. How to overcome the Obstacles


After you tell your Twin Flame how you feel, you will feel exhilarated. Even though you do not get a direct answer from them, you know deep in your soul that he gets you. You will feel unchained from anxiety, fear, and worry. You will have broken the ice; one of you has to DO IT. Tips to overcome separation pain.

You can only find inner peace only when you tell your Twin Flame how you genuinely feel. The worst answer you can get is a No but you will feel relieved that you know the truth. And also, you wouldn’t want to live a life hoping that he feels the same way you do.

Your Twin Flame’s response also determines the next steps to take on your journey. If you get an affirmation that the feelings are mutual even though the situation is complicated, then you are free to give him the space that he needs trusting that he will return. The Dark Night of the Soul process.

After I heard from my Twin Flame even though he said that I had made him uncomfortable with my message, I let him be. I know that there is only him for eternity. I believe in the connection.

It took me three years to dissolve my marriage — I am still overcoming more obstacles. Life is complicated for a married Twin Flame. Twin Flames Explained in Brief

One tip that helped me to find inner peace is that I changed my energetic vibration: Instead of feeling angry and frustrated at my Twin Flame, I chose to always send him love in my heart. Every time I think of him, I embrace the love feelings.


Doing this has taught me two things:

1. Love heals — I healed faster when I chose to carry love in my heart.

2. Sending love to your Twin Flame heals your connection. You feel a shared love vibration overflowing between you.

Choose to make Love, not War.

I am sending you love, light, and more blessings.

I started a YOUTUBE Channel. https://youtu.be/iJRt99PfNgo

Stay Blessed!

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