With my free will, I try to prevent my connection with the twin flame. From the moment I do this, all negativity finds me. I’m fed up with twin flame stuff. What should I do?


If you choose to go through the Twin Flame experiences with an open heart full of love and faith, every phase becomes easier.

If you feel an inner resistance to the connection and the love emotions, you feel like the obstacles that you encounter during the separation phase are insurmountable. Here is how to overcome Twin Flame Obstacles.

Feeling an inner resistance to love makes every situation dire and miserable. You have no sense of direction or purpose. You feel isolated from everyone around you. You generally are unhappy.

Finding happiness as a Twin Flame is the epitome of inner freedom. To feel happy, you must find balance within. You have to accept who you are. You must embrace your Twin Flame connection and your experiences. Surrender Tips to Free Your Soul

You must accept the changes that you go through. Your life will never be the same again after you meet a Twin Flame.

I started a YOUTUBE Channel. https://youtu.be/iJRt99PfNgo

Stay Blessed!

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