Is the twin flame journey meant to make you feel worthless?


Haha. I love this question! — I love how you say that it breaks you down on purpose.

Whether the ego allows it or not, before you realise that everything around you is turning upside down, you feel an emotional shakedown. TWIN FLAME RUNNER PAIN: Awakening To Unconditional Love

For me it felt like I was turned upside down, shaken, and then put put back to reality. By the time I came back to my senses, everything had changes starting with my feelings, my life situation, and my perspective of life. Life as I knew it before had vanished. Twin Flame Runner Fears: A Simple Guide to Healing and Recovery

I tried to hold onto my old life as much as I could. I ran back to old relationships but nothing worked.

Everything and everyone that I ran to or hid behind only reminded me that soon or later, I would have to confront what had come over me — I was a runner. TWIN FLAME RUNNER TRAITS: Who is the Runner Twin Flame? 

Change is the only constant on the Twin Flame journey. You best believe this — you will go through so many trying times to embrace the changes. Sometimes you will refuse to change but the changes change you.

Oh god, what an experience!


Stay Blessed!

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