I’ve been so physically sick/depleted since separating from my twin flame less than 3 days ago – nothing prepared me for this – it’s getting worse can’t leave the bed. Has anyone ever experienced this?


You are not alone! Don’t force yourself to feel better — it is part of the process. I love how you say that nothing prepared you for this — its gonna get worse before it gets better. Tighten your seat belts.

Everything that you are feeling right now has to be felt. Sometimes you will think that you have come out of the funk but then you just dive back into it for no reason.

You are being initiated into the dark night of the soul — this phase is not fun at all I know but you will never forget it because you will be forever transformed form the inside out.

And, it is only the half of it!

Missing a Twin Flame is endless — you feel like you are missing a limb. You will always have a looming invisible cloud of longing hovering over you

I have a few tips for you; at least they worked for me.

  • Brace yourself for the energetic merging. Sometimes you will feel like you are living life for two people. A Two in one — you will always feel your Twin Flame with you all the time. Accept this fact.
  • Do not listen to anyone trying to fix you. You are the only person who can fathom what is going on with you. If you feel depleted now, wait when you try to explain what you are feeling to non-Twin Flame. You will sound delusional and a little bit crazy. To avoid all that stress, just trust your inner knowing. (It is like when you pray, you do not need anyone to help you with it. Do you?)
  • You will not like some changes in your life: You are going to lose people, friends, boyfriends, etc all because you would rather be alone that be with someone who is negative and lowers your energetic vibe. It is okay to let the emotional vampires go.
  • Be ready to change. Change is the only constant.

Stay Blessed!

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