What is the key essence to keep a TF relation going beautifully?


It is very interesting how I stumbled upon this question. I had just come out of meditation — I went into a quiet room and closed my eyes for 30 minutes just to send love to my Twin Flame in my heart. I have been feeling his energy so strongly lately that all I can do is let it all pass through me without any inner resistance. 11:11: The Ultimate Guide For Twin Flame Newbies

Therefore meditation helps me to relax. I shift into a space of inner peace — I embrace all my emotions that I feel at that time and open my heart to feeling unconditional love within. It is always a healing process for me when I do this.

Sometimes I wonder why I was so stressed out at the beginning of my journey. I guess I was partly naive; I was not aware at first that I was going through a Twin Flame experience and I did not know what to do — I had no map or template to help me figure out what all the emotional chaos and Spiritual Awakening was all about. Twin Flame Chaser Awakening

Anyway, three and half years down the road has been a journey of endless lessons of love and self-rediscovery.

My tip will resonate with anyone who has met their Twin Flame — the Bubble Love phase — and then separated.

If you are struggling with any part of your journey during separation, all you have to do is remember the kind of person that you are when you are with your Twin Flame. You feel complete. Content. Peaceful. Safe. You feel empowered to achieve your wildest dreams. TWIN FLAME CHASER RULE BOOK: 15 Ways To Enjoy Separation 


This is the kind of person that you need to become without the presence of your Twin Flame. You must feel safe within yourself; you must free yourself of any fears — you have to feel peaceful naturally because it is your true nature.

I have learned that the reason why we chase our Twin Flames, it is because of the inner turbulence that you feel when he or she leaves. Twin Flame Red Flags

In one moment you feel balanced within because of their presence, then the next moment when he or she leaves all sorts of fears arise within you. You go through a phase of manic depression because you think a Twin Flame is the source of all your joys and inner peace. You are wrong. Reunion Tips

The physical separation phase throws us back into our previous life situations: On the outside, life seems normal to everyone else but to you, the Twin Flame encounter changes you from the inside to the outside. You embark on a journey of self-rediscovery to find your authentic self. The Union Guide

When you go back to life as you used to know it, you do not fit in anymore. You feel like you have PTSD.

Even though you try to run back to your old life and pretend like you are not phased by your encounter, the connection eats you from within. All runners can relate to this. Twin Flame Oneness – Twin Souls Merging

Even though you try to run back to your old life and pretend like you are not phased by your encounter, the connection eats you from within. All runners can relate to this. Twin Flame Oneness – Twin Souls Merging

If you try to forge new relationships, you feel like you are faking it — your old world crumbles around you. You do not fit in with your old friends. You change everything and everyone around you to match your new found authentic self.

The new-found authentic self is the kind of person that your Twin Flame’s presence inspires you to become. Twin Flame Harmonisation Phase: Merging Into Oneness


You feel grounded in inner peace. You are free of unexplained fears. Your heart is unconditionally open to loving. You feel inner harmony and balance. You feel unhurried — you are calm and content within yourself.

Tips to rediscovering your Authentic Self: Surrender to Self-love

Surrender to yourself through Self-love

Acceptance yourself and the nature of your Twin Flame experiences — you must have faith whether things are going well or not. The Simple Meditation Book: Twin Flame Energy Healing

Be honest with yourself — The biggest lies are the ones we tell ourselves — speak your truth, be honest with your Twin Flame and accept your flaws

Believing in your blessings — focus on unlocking your blessings. We are all blessed in unique ways so figure out what your blessings are instead of envying others for theirs. TWIN FLAME ENERGY HEALING: How To Find Inner Union

Forgiveness is key — forgive yourself and others — you will heal faster.

I started a YOUTUBE Channel. https://youtu.be/iJRt99PfNgo

Stay Blessed!

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